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EVOTROPIA at the annual AgriBusiness Forum (Athens, Greece)

An example of good practices to bear in mind to disseminate the project, even today! A year has passed but we are working on this direction! Here is how we presented it and share it again:

On November 15, 2022, our partner EVOTROPIA Ecological Finance Architectures was an invited speaker in the annual AgriBusiness Forum 5 in Athens, Greece, as one of the most important annual events on the global trends in the agricultural sector. Dr. Georgios Karakatsanis, the Director of EVOTROPIA, presented the ongoing structural change of global supply chains with life-cycle environmental standards as a vehicle. The establishment of environmental supply chains in all sectors is a major challenge for WTO compatibility, especially for agricultural products. The European Union's preparation of a related framework confirms this trend. EVOTROPIA participated in Committee 3 of the Agribusiness Forum 5 with title "Supply Chains, Markets and Sustainability", presenting on the crucial issue of "Greenwashing", the importance of IoT and blockchain systems for its elimination and its ongoing work in the PRIMA-SIRAM research project on Regenerative Agriculture (RA), as the leader of Work Package 5 on Econometric Analysis, RA Financial Engineering and the life-cycle assessment of RA products with EU-compatible labeling system.

You can find the presentation on "Greenwashing" here:

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