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Regenerative agriculture to manage plant nematode diseases (CS4, Egypt)

Agricultural Research Centre and the Daltex Company are cooperating in the SIRAM project in “Al-Hana Farm” affiliated to the company in West An Nubariyha (Egypt). The two institutions met where SIRAM Case Study 4 will take place. The team of specialists from the Agricultural Research Centre reviewed the importance of standing on the pathological condition of the citrus crops, especially the incidence of plant nematode diseases.

The field trip included:

· Identification of the infested plants

· Collecting plant samples

· Correct dates for taking samples and sending them to the laboratory for examination

At the end of the day, the management of nematode diseases through safe and environmentally friendly approaches was addressed, which is the main objective of the project through regenerative agricultural approaches as bio-control management, which will be reviewed in future workshops.

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