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In the 21st century, the agricultural sector is facing a number of challenges:

  • securing viable food production

  • ensuring sustainable management of natural resources and climate action

  • decreasing residue concentrations in vegetables

  • contributing to a balanced territorial development of rural areas

SIRAM helps to cope with these challenges and will provide a comprehensive integration and implementation of sustainable solutions for regenerative agriculture across different Mediterranean areas, addressing at the same time issues of low incomes at smallholder farm level.



  • Development of approaches to address climate change, desertification, pollution and low-income issues under different smallholder framing systems

  • Restoration and regeneration of soil health

  • Understanding and use of innovative methods to control pests

  • Socio-economic evaluation of the tested methods



Four pillars tested in 8 case studies, covering different pedo-climatic, ecological, and social areas around the Mediterranean:



  • Definition and testing of new methodologies that will improve the sustainability and resilience of farming systems as a support to plant growth and resilience/tolerance to pests.

  • Develop high quality and efficient pilot products that can be available for a scale production and delivery on the market by spin offs and SMEs

  • Filling knowledge gaps on regenerative agriculture, soil quality, biocontrol of pests and plant immune system

These results will bring benefits to NGOs, producer associations and farmers networks from the various Mediterranean countries.

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