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SIRAM workshop about the management of olive diseases in Egypt

Updated: 2 hours ago

Dr. Shaima Naji Riyadh, researcher at the Institute of Plant Pathology, organised the first SIRAM workshop in Egypt on 27th June in the governorate of the New Valley - Kharkzal Kharja about the management of olive diseases.

The event was promoted by Dr. Abdul Aziz Tantawi (Dean of the university), Prof. Dr. Ayman Kasab (Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture), Prof. Dr. Adel Abdul Azim (ARC Director), and Prof. Dr. Mohsen Abu Rahab (Director of the Institute of Plant Pathology). The invited speakers were Dr. Salah Jamil, Dr. Mohammed Kamal, Dr. Shaima Naji Riyad and Dr.

Salah Mahmoud Jamil.

This event was attended by different faculty members, students, engineers and members of the Direction of Agriculture of New Valley, research institutes, representatives of the agriculture trade union of New Valley and Central Society for a total of approximately 65 participants.

 Excerpts of the event can be seen here:

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