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Sustainable Innovations for Regenerative Agriculture in the Mediterranean Area



SIRAM will help to cope with the main challenges that the agricultural sector is facing in the 21st century by providing a comprehensive integration and implementation of sustainable solutions for regenerative agriculture across different Mediterranean areas.



The project aims to develop approaches to address climate change, pollution, pest control, and low-income issues under different smallholder framing systems, while at the same time working for restoration and regeneration of soil health and for the socio-economic evaluation of the before-mentioned approaches.



 SIRAM is based on 4 pillars tested in 8 case studies, covering different pedo-climatic, ecological, and social areas around the Mediterranean. 



New methodologies that will improve the sustainability and resilience of smallholder farming systems.


Develop pilot products that can be available for a scale production and delivery on the market by spinoffs and SMEs.


Filling knowledge gaps on regenerative agriculture, soil quality, biocontrol of pests and plant immune system.

The SIRAM project aims to develop Sustainable Innovations for Regenerative Agriculture in the Mediterranean Area

The PRIMA programme is an Art. 185 initiative supported and funded under Horizon 2020, the European Union’s Framework Programme for Research and Innovation

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