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First training course for students organised by UCSC in Piacenza (Italy)

UCSC organised a training course for high school students, entitled “Quale agricoltura per una produzione alimentare sostenibile nell’epoca del cambiamento climatico?” (that is: “What kind of agriculture for a sustainable food production in the era of climate change?”). This is a blended course, partly face-to-face and partly on-line.

This course started on Friday 1st December, with a face-to-face event in Piacenza (Italy), where students were involved in theoretical lectures, field visits and practical activities. During this course high school students have the opportunity to get in touch with professors and researchers in the context of an international project such as SIRAM, but also to get to know the effects of climate change on agriculture and what science can do to address them. In addition they can learn the importance of soil and plant biodiversity, the main principles of regenerative agriculture and much more.

Some pictures of the event are reported below.

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