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SIRAM at the Multi-stakeholder Capitalization Conference in Alexandria

26 PRIMA Program projects gathered in Alexandria (Egypt) to share their best practices and showcases. The event was hosted at the City of Scientific Research and Technological Applications SRTA-City, and in a successful partnership with the ENI CBC Med Programme via its funded project "WEF-CAP".

The Multi-stakeholder Capitalization Conference, themed “Fostering cooperation, tech transfer, and evidence-based policy formation for innovation-driven growth in WEF Nexus Projects,” is set to be a landmark gathering of experts, researchers, and stakeholders.

The event presents an unparalleled opportunity for PRIMA-funded projects to convene, fostering knowledge exchange, collaboration, and the sharing of valuable insights and experiences. These projects are excited to not only collaborate amongst themselves but also forge partnerships with other initiatives under the ENI CBC Med Program.

Dina Serag (Agricultural Research Center, Egypt) presented SIRAM and the work done by the Egyptian team.

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